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2022 Obituary

Joyce (Towles) Ingram
William C. Smiley
Janet Cregar
Richard L. Dragoo
Mary Lou Smith
Charles E. Palmer
Barbara Randell
Lee L. Glover
Oscar "Bud" Jagges
Betty Pribble
Terry Kendall
Richard "Dickie" Dye
Howard Griffin
Donald Gossett
Priscilla Moor
James Jr. Bartlett
Carl Marlatt
Sandra Kay Ingram
Martha J. Kilgore Jones
Rebecca Hornaday
Roy Pedigo
Roberta Denise Rhodes
Betty Sherman
Pauline Gossett
Sarah Sweet
Stella Mae Spurling
Vernon Hornaday
Richard Lennex
Charles E. Gratzer
Freddie M. Wilson
Terrie Lockridge
Stephen Randall
Anna (Brown) Campbell
Gregory Peck
John Foster
Linda Towles Haler
Karen Hodgins
Debby Newkirk Hendrix
Sue Howard
Mary Ann Fox
Gregory S. Vandiver
Terry Lee Ross, Sr
Wanda Crabtree
Deborah Brashaber Howell
Renea Penn Bowling
Thomas Houston Shelton
Morris Newhouse
Tina Dunn
Margaret Linville
Veronica Gordon
Jack W. Lakin
Raymond Klagiss
Debra Moore
Larry Lloyd
David Abernathy
Homer Crabtree
Donna Houston
Thomas Montgomery
Judy Hampton
Dennis "DJ" Cherry
David Amick
Clarence Paugh
Lawrence Miller
Marilyn Forsythe
Craig Kuhn
David Dehoney
Deborah Hartzler
Lucille Long
Darlene Daugherty
Judy Clarkson


Columbarium Angel Ash Burial Office Hours Cemetery Gate Hours
Is a above ground burial with a NICHE (niches: a placement inside a Columbarium) for urns containing the ashes of passed loved ones.
Niches are available for sale call office for pricing and details.
This site is where we intern ashes in an underground burial site for people whose families cannot afford the price to be inurned in the ground or in the Columbarium.

Mon - Fri
8am - 4pm


Spring Hours
3/31 - 11/1
8am - 7pm
7 days a week

Winter Hours
11/1 - 3/31
8am - 5pm
7 days a week