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2021 Obituary

Leslie "Wayne" Craven
Frances Elizabeth Ray
Tina M. Sifford
Sharon F. Gray
Peggy Proffitt
James L. (Jim) Sr Cress
Maurice E. Newton
Dana J. Conde
Clinton A. McCreary
Betty J. Addison
William R. Kerr
James "Jim" Hampton
Deloris Ging
Sharon Evans
Gerald C. "Jerry" Johnson
Lillian Jones
Rickie Alan Moor
Donald Walker
Albert Meyer
Richard Kenny Cregar
Joan Butler
Gary Gray
Danny J. White
Alice Coyle
Lela F. Self
Jon A. Bowlling
Michel Clifford
Michael J. Weidner
Michael L. Steigerwald
Ted C. Owens
Barbara Knight Carter
Lois S. Paugh
Ray C Williams, Jr.
Irene E. Smith
Marshia English Crowdus
Robert N. Veatch
Richard Buttery
Vernon D Ervin
Connie S. Emme
James L. Towels
Deda Wall Whitaker
Ned Foster
Leo A. Malson
William L. Raisor
Barbara J Stiers
Helen Hope Moore
Betty Gabbard
Anita Carole Ruby Marlatt
Forrest Marlatt
Timothy Dunaway
Donna Daugherty Clline
Phillip Jack Norris
Alice Mahaffey Boling
Pauline Ponsler
Maurita Harcourt Ball
Betsy Wilson
Jimmy Taylor
Monika Fussner
Anna Moore Clark
John Dennis Wilson
Judy Douglass
Randal Lee (Randy) Kaster
Donna Jean Wilson
Dillon C. Fowler
Joyce Hahn

Columbarium Angel Ash Burial Office Hours Cemetery Gate Hours
Is a above ground burial with a NICHE (niches: a placement inside a Columbarium) for urns containing the ashes of passed loved ones.
Niches are available for sale call office for pricing and details.
This site is where we intern ashes in an underground burial site for people whose families cannot afford the price to be inurned in the ground or in the Columbarium.

Mon - Fri
8am - 4pm


Spring Hours
3/31 - 11/1
8am - 7pm
7 days a week

Winter Hours
11/1 - 3/31
8am - 5pm
7 days a week