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Rules and Regulations

All owners of Burial Rights, their successors and visitors to the East Hill Cemetery shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery.

The Cemetery Management reserves the right to regulate and restrict the method of decorating lots and graves, so that the safety of the patrons and employees, as well as the beauty of our Cemetery may be maintained.

Infant Monument Size
Sec. 18 infants - The base is not to exceed 24" long Width is 10" wide. Total height up to 26".

Single Monument Size
Base not to exceed 44" long. Width not to exceed 14" wide. Total height of top die up to 30" tall

Double Monument Size
Base not to exceed 94" long. Width not to exceed 14" wide. Total height of top die up to 30" tall

In the best interest of all, the following guidelines have been adopted for decorating.

Each monument may have a floral saddle and 1 permanent decorations and 1 solar light per grave.

There shall be no decorations on individual sites without a foundation or urn pad.



Urns must be of aluminum, concrete, granite or stainless steel. All must be placed on a concrete urn pad. Urns must be no more than 30" tall. Urn pads are available at our office and furnished by the Cemetery and can be placed by Cemetery Personnel. Call office for more information.


All statues must be approved by Cemetery Management. Statues must not be over 30 inches high and 16 inches wide. Statues must be made of granite, marble or concrete. Statues must be secured on an urn pad under supervision of the Cemetery Personnel. Large Statues must be approved then secured on a foundation to be paid for by the individual and not the Cemetery, and placed under the direction of Cemetery Management.

Temporary grave markers may be placed by East Hill Employees only. These markers belong to the Cemetery.


Any urn, statue, or floral saddle that is deteriorating or unsightly will be removed and discarded.

Small American Flags may be placed on gravesites, (No full size flags permitted on graves) but will be removed by East Hill Employees when they become tethered.

No other decorations will be allowed during March 15th to November 15th.

Any decorations not conforming to these rules will be disposed of immediately.

November 15th to March 15th: Holiday wreaths on metal and wire easels and grave blankets may be used in addition to the above. Any not removed by March 15th will be disposed of.


Memorial Day decorations may be placed 1 week prior to Memorial Day and must be removed by the Sunday following Memorial Day.

All floral containers and statues are solely the responsibility of, and at the risk of, the owner.

The Cemetery assumes no liability for decorations placed on the gravesites.






Columbarium Angel Ash Burial Office Hours Cemetery Gate Hours
Is a above ground burial with a NICHE (niches: a placement inside a Columbarium) for urns containing the ashes of passed loved ones.
Niches are available for sale call office for pricing and details.
This site is where we intern ashes in an underground burial site for people whose families cannot afford the price to be inurned in the ground or in the Columbarium.

Mon - Fri
8am - 2:30pm

Spring Hours
3/31 - 11/1
8am - 7pm
7 days a week

Winter Hours
11/1 - 3/31
8am - 5pm
7 days a week