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2020 Obituary

Hazel Ellen Stiers
Betsy Brown
Timothy Hatfield
William "Billy" Ray Goins
Larry Richard Isgrigg
Phyllis L. Miller
Mary Jo Reno
Larry Eugene Woods
Robert Byron Hiner
Sally Mae Hatfield
Alice Mae Osborn
Donald Eugene Lafary
Bettie "Joan" Edwards
Earlene M. West
Marcella Dunigan McAhren
Bettie Shelton
Russell L Jenkins
Wilbur G Moore
Anna Mary Webb
Roberta P. Love
Judith Arlene Blake
John L. Ingram
Wanda R Ball
Elizabeth Ann Crain
Marcia Jane Logan
Ruth Ann Gruell
John R. Glenn
George Bird
Scott Walker
Maggie Highlander
Richard R. Douglass
Ida Kathleen Randall
James Franklyn Jones
Deedra M. Barrow
Mary Jo Sandlin
Marjorie Ann Carpenter
Harold "Bud" Case
Richard D. SR. hristian
Nancy Farthing
James A. "Jim" Miller
George O. Pribble
Kevin J. Lee
Barbara J. Robbins
Randolph (randy) Hankins
Loren E. Littrell
Penny D. (Smith) Sisto
Billy L. Reeves
Arthur Coffey
Imogene Combs
George A. Patterson
Ruby M. Shearer
Huguette Monroe
Nora B. Ralstin
Charles Paugh
Frances Noble
Katherine E. Smiley
Brenda J. Dice
Verlia Moore
Robert W. Lee
Linda L. Biddle
Mary (Glenn) Robertson
Opal Deloris Frazier
Helen Dolores Heller
Janice V. Tressler
Dr. Richard W. Houston

Columbarium Angel Ash Burial Office Hours Cemetery Gate Hours
Is a above ground burial with a NICHE (niches: a placement inside a Columbarium) for urns containing the ashes of passed loved ones.
Niches are available for sale call office for pricing and details.
This site is where we intern ashes in an underground burial site for people whose families cannot afford the price to be inurned in the ground or in the Columbarium.

Mon - Fri
8am - 4pm


Spring Hours
3/31 - 11/1
8am - 7pm
7 days a week

Winter Hours
11/2 - 3/30
8am - 5pm
7 days a week