Pleasant Adams Hackleman

October 3 1862
Section 1, Lot 4

Union Civil War Brigadier General. Born in Franklin Co. Indiana, he was a farmer who studied law and was admitted to the bar. From 1837 he was probate judge of Rush Co. Indiana, and in 1841 was elected to the state legislature. He ran as a candidate for Congress as a Whig in 1842 and as a Republican in 1858, losing both times. On May 20 1861, Hackleman was appointed Colonel of the 16th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, 1 years service. On April 28 1862 he was promoted to Brigadier General of volunteers and assigned to command the 1st Brigade of the 2nd Division of the Army of Tennessee. The 2nd Division was attached temporarily to Gen. Roscrans Army of the Mississippi where on Oct. 3 1862 it was attacked by Confederate forces at the Battle of Cornith. Early in the fighting a gap was forced through Union lines and Hackleman tried to rally his Brigade and was shot through the neck. The wound proved fatal and he died later that morning.